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The Importance of Sterilising Bottles with LED UV Sterilisation Products

When it comes to baby care, there are many things that are highly controversial. One of the controversies that aren’t talked about as much as others, but that is still up for great debate is whether or not it is necessary to sterilise baby bottles and accessories. While it is ultimately up to you whether you choose to shop for baby products to sterilise your baby’s bottles and accessories or not, we’ve put together a bit of information about why you might find it important.


When you first buy a new bottle, pacifier or other product you would think that it would be as clean as it could possibly be, right? Actually, it may not be. You don’t know exactly what the product has come through before it reached your home. Even if it is straight out of the box, it has been exposed to the air and the atmosphere in the factory. You certainly don’t want to expose your baby to that without thoroughly cleaning it. And, a regular trip in the dishwasher may not be good enough as even the hot water cycle can leave some bacteria behind.


First, cleaning the bottles or other products with soap and water is important as it does rid the bottles and nipples of dirt and residue. After the bottles are already clean, then consider 59s sterilisation. This uses 59S LED UV sterilisation to clean what soap and water leave behind. You’re helping to prevent the spread of germs and you know that you are doing the very best you can for your baby.


Most importantly, if your baby is a preemie or is immune-compromised in any way, taking the extra steps to sterilise bottles and other items he or she will put in their mouth could help prevent the spread of disease that could do more than just give your baby a cold--it could cause major distress. You are taking one simple step, but you are potentially saving a life.


Today, sterilising products is easier than ever before. There are products you can use at home on your counter top or sterilising tools that are meant to travel with you wherever you go.


At the end of the day 59S LED UV sterilisation products are certainly a good idea if you are at all worried about your child’s health and well being. Plus, with 59S sterilisation products and other 59S LED UV sterilisation products commonly available from brands like Jiffi today, it is much easier to make sure this gets done than ever before. Why not shop baby products from Jiffi and learn more about the benefits of sterilisation too. You'll come to realize how important this step can be for your little bundle of joy!

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