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What bottle brand complies with my Jiffi Bottle Warmer?

The Jiffi Bottle Warmer has been designed to fit most standrard 53mm "wide neck" bottles. The complete list of tested and approved bottles is listed below and in the User Manual. Is your brand not here? Don't stress we are working on an adapter that will be universal. Till then you can always purchase a singular bottle from the list below and just decanter! Note: Some bottles require the seal to be inserted upside down - please check the user manual for this list. List of compatible wide neck bottle brands: 1. AVENT 2. Pigeon 3. Tommee Tippee (with adaptor) 4. Medela (with adaptor) 5. Dr Browns (with adaptor) 6. HiTo 7. UPIS 8. Spectra 9. DoubleHeart 10. Snow Bear 11. NIP 12. Chicco 13. Bebe Comfort 14. Lansinoh 15. Bobo 16. Yo Yo Monkey 17. Piyopiyo 18. Us Baby 19. Tutu 20. YANXUAN 21. Richell 22. CHU CHU 23. Combi 24. Minbie

My bottle warmer is leaking, how can I fix this?

It is recommended that between every warming cycle, you remove the seal, clean the base product, dry and replace the seal ring. Ensure the seal is replaced correctly and creates a comfortable fit. Note: Some bottles require the seal ring to be placed in the upside down position to ensure correct seal. List of bottle brands that require upside down seal ring placement: 1. AVENT - PA Bottle/PP Bottle 2. Pigeon - PP Bottle 3. CHU CHU - PP Bottle 4. Combi - PP Bottle 5. UPIS - PPSU Bottle/PP Bottle 6. SpeCtra - PPSU Bottle/PP Bottle 7. DoubleHeart - PP Bottle 8. Snow Bear - PPSU Bottle / PP Bottle 9. Chicco - PP Bottle 10. Lansinoh - PP Bottle

My bottle shows 99, why does it not charge to 100?

The screen of the warmer is a two digit screen! 99% = Fully Charged

Is it safe to travel on an aeroplane with my Jiffi Bottle Warmer?

Yes it is safe to travel with the Jiffi Portable Water Bottle Warmer in your carry on luggage. Do not attach the bottle with water till you are airborn - there is a lot of bumping and bashing of carry on bags whislt transitting and the last thing you want is a wet bag to start your trip. The change in cabin pressure whilst taking off and landing can cause a build up of pressure in the bottle and cause it to leak Once airborn it is safe to attach the bottle for warming. Only operate water bottle warmer when safe to do so.

Not all of my formula is coming out when I dispense?

It is important to remember that formula is not liquid. Steps to dispense formula powder correctly: Step 1: Shake dispense while upside down to ensure nozzle is sufficiently full Step 2: Depress the release button and shake the dispenser to ensure all formula is released Step 3: Repeat as required For full instructions, please refer to the User Manual

Can I order a replacement seal ring if I lose mine?

Replacement Seal Rings can be ordered from our website. Please visit our site at www.rochilou.com.au for any support enquiries.

How long will it take to warm up my water?

The Jiffi Bottle Warmer will heat water to the desired temperature between 10 - 20 minutes, depending on the starting temperature of the water and the volume. For full heating instructions and informtation, please refer to the User Manual - Heating Reference Table.

How long will my Jiffi Bottle Warmer keep my water warm?

Once at the required temperature, Jiffi will retain the water temperature for up to 5 hours. If connected to a power source, the Jiffi will maintain the selected temperature until unplugged and the battery runs out. For full heating instructions and information, please refer to the User Manual - Time Reference Table.

My Jiffi does not have the clear lid for the dispenser?

If you twist the white cap off the formula dispenser, there is a chance the clear cap of the formula dispenser may get traped under the white cap. Solution: Use your index finger and thumb to remove the white cap from the clear cap. It is tricky but it will definitely be there. Suggestion: Always pull the white cap off - don't twist. : Always twist the clear cap off - don't pull.

The Jiffi dispenses 10g of formula per press, how do I calculate how much water I need to allow for the 10g dispensed?

Please see the table below of Australian formula brands currently on the market. The first two coloumns of the table shows the current scoop in grams and the water needed per scoop. The next two coloumns shows the ammount of grams the Jiffi dispenses and how much water you need per press (ie how much water per 10 grams of formula).

Why does Jiffi turn of if I lay it on its side?

Jiffi is designed to turn off if it does not detect water on the heating element. If you start it upside down with no water touching the element or lay it down without water touching the element for more than 5 second, Jiffi will turn off to save power.

How long should it take to warm my bottle?

The Table above will give you an indication of how long bottle warming should take. Remember that the starting temperature of your bottled water and the outside temperature play a big role in heating times. Important notes for Water Heating: - Remember to charge your Jiffi overnight when you first recieve it - Some adaptors may not work. Please try newer adaptors that are at least 2A/5V - Always get Jiffi ready in anticipation of you baby waking to enjoy the comfort of knowing Jiffi will keep your bottle at the desired temperature for when bubs needs to feed - If you are worried the battery may not maintain temperature for long enough, use the power cord or a suitable 1000mAh power bank to extend the warming capability

My Jiffi is not charging or heating as expected

Please note the Jiffi requires a 2A/5V adaptor (3A/5V for newer models). The requirement is in the manual and on our web site. If you find your Jiffi is not charging or heating when on charge as expected, please ensure your adaptor meets the charge requirements. Trouble Shooting: 1. Add 120ml water to a bottle 2. Charge and remove power cable from your Jiffi 3. Ensure starting water temperature in 25 degrees 4. Set temp to 40 degrees 5. Time your heating process 6. Should warm in under 20 minutes 7. If successful - check page 7 of users manual for heating guide 8. If not successful contact support@rochilou.com.au Note: The more water added the longer the heating time The colder the water the longer the heating time The colder the outside temperature, the longer the heating time


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