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When you’re trying to put together must-haves as a new mother, it can be difficult to shop baby products. After all, there are a lot of awesome baby products on the market today. While every mom will likely have a slightly different idea of what is a must-have and what isn’t, we have put together a list of five items that we think are a must. With this, you can get a head start on filling out a registry or perhaps come up with a few ideas if you want to gift a special mom-to-be something she’ll be sure to love.


  • A Bottle System - A great bottle and feeding system is a must for every new parent. After all, when a baby is well-fed, he or she is much happier! Another option you may find is using something like the Jiffi Medela adapter to use your Jiffi Home baby products with your Medela bottles too.

  • A Grow-with-Me Car Seat - A car seat that is designed to grow with the baby from the newborn stage up until at least the young toddler stage will save money and be a convenient addition to your selection of baby products. You’ll not have to shop for another travel system for a while and your baby will become comfortable with that particular product.

  • Diaper Bag with Plenty of Pockets - There are many diaper bags on the market today. However, you’ll find that most parents appreciate a bag that has many pockets. Plenty of pockets make it easier to transport all of the odds and ends (including your Jiffi Medela adaptor and other Jiffi Home baby products) needed everywhere you travel.

  • A Modern Monitor - Baby monitors are a must-have. However, it is certainly worth investing in a modern baby monitor and not reusing one that has been handed down through the family tree. Modern baby monitors offer lots of special features that make it much easier to keep up with your little one even from across the house. This will make it much more likely that you can catch a few Zzz’s or keep up with household chores. Don’t forget Jiffi baby gift boxes for wrapping!

  • Cloth Diapers - While the cloth versus disposable diaper debate doesn’t seem like it will come to an end anytime soon, every mom can use a few cloth diapers in her drawer. Even if the parents decide to use disposables as a day-to-day solution, cloth diapers are a great back up plan. Plus, today’s cloth diapers are nothing like the ones they made even a decade ago, so it is worth checking them out and giving them a fair shake. You can always package these in nice Jiffi baby gift boxes to make wrapping super easy and make the package super attractive too.

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