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Why Jiffi?

As parents of 4 children, we understand how busy life can be. Bottle preparation and feeding has not changed for years and has always been very slow and inaccurate - until now! Jiffi developed the world's first truly portable baby bottle warmer, which heats 120ml from room temperature to 37, 40 or 45 degrees in about 15 minutes. It also includes a handy formula dispenser which means you can warm and feed more easily, anywhere and anytime.

After launching Jiffi portable, we listened to feedback from parents who love Jiffi but needed a faster and safe solution for heating breastmilk and water for formula feeding. Jiffi Home can heat up to 24 different bottle types from room temperature in around 2 minutes. It has 4 temperature settings and a unique technology that heats consistently and evenly to prevent hot spots. Jiffi products heat at safe temperatures to ensure we protect important nutrients in breastmilk.